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Plasma Ball

Spellbinding, touch-sensitive 6 inch plasma ball lamp

Plasma Ball
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Plasma BallPlasma BallPlasma Ball


No stock, discontinued  

No stock, discontinued

Perfect as a stylish retro-modern room centrepiece or an eye-catching mood light for partying, relaxing at home and entertaining guests.  Switch the Electro Plasma Lamp on and watch it illuminate in striking electric purple and pink whilst creating an exhilarating light show.

The 6 Inch Plasma Ball boasts two impressive lighting modes.  You can set it to continuously light, like a manic multicoloured lightning storm, or you can have it react to music by pulsing to the beat.  It responds best to loud music with a strong beat.

In either light mode, you can interact with the plasma.  Touching the glass will make a bolt of lighting connect with and follow your finger as you move it along the surface.  This is perfectly safe - you can't even feel it - and looks awesome.

The plasma, despite appearing dynamic, is safe (caused by non-toxic ionized inert gas) and completely contained inside the glass chamber.  The 6 Inch Classic Plasma Ball's base and cap are made from strong black plastic which are permanently fixed to the glass plasma chamber.

This cool mood light comes complete with a UK mains power adaptor and instructions, packed in a smart box, making it a fantastic gift.

Visit our Mood Lighting category for more stylish and eye-catching atmospheric lights.

  • Cool retro-style plasma light
  • Safely interact with lightning-esque illuminated electricity
  • A magnificent mood light for your favourite room
  • Two cool lighting (lightning?) modes
  • Makes an excellent lighting centrepiece in any room
  • Comes complete with UK power lead and instructions
  • Nicely packaged - makes a great gift
Dimensions (H x W x D)

15cm x 15cm x 15cm

Powered by...

UK mains adapter (included)

  • Do not place electronic devices upon or near the Plasma Ball
  • Do not expose to water or heat
  • Do not remove the base from the ball
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