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Pint2Go Portable Beer Glass

The ultimate outdoor acrylic beer glass - no insects, spills or broken glass. Choose from blue or pink

Pint2Go Portable Beer Glass
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Pint2Go Portable Beer GlassPint2Go Portable Beer GlassPint2Go Portable Beer GlassPint2Go Portable Beer Glass

We all know that sinking feeling when you're enjoying a drink outdoors and you look down to find a wasp or fly doing backstroke in your glass. With the Pint 2 Go Insulated Beer Glass you need worry no more!

This innovative, portable pint tumbler is made from durable, BPA-free acrylic and comes with either a smart blue or funky pink spill-proof lid. With the Pint 2 Go you can not only enjoy your drink at the right temperature due to the double-wall insulation, but you don't need to worry about spillages or unwanted bugs either.

Perfect for picnics, festivals, outdoor events, boat trips and Barbecues, the Pint 2 Go solves an age-old problem and makes a fabulous, practical gift. The smart, recyclable packaging looks great and is easy to wrap - what more could you want?

  • Acrylic beer glass with classy spill-proof lid
  • Choose from blue or pink (see drop down above for availability)
  • Double-wall insulated for keeping drinks cool (or warm if preferred!)
  • BPA free SAN acrylic
  • Enjoy your favourite tipple at festivals, picnics, BBQs and more
  • No more flies in your drink, or unpleasant sun-warmed beer
  • Nicely packaged, makes a great gift
Dimensions (H x W x D)

20.5cm x 9cm x 9cm



  • Does not provide a fail safe seal - should not be used to transport liquid
  • Hand wash only (not dishwasher safe)
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