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Light-Up Dinosaurs x 12

12 squidgy, colourful flashing fun balls in the shape of dinosaurs

Light-Up Dinosaurs x 12
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No stock, discontinued  

No stock, discontinued

These cheerful coloured, ultra-squeezable, rubbery light-up dinosaur balls are covered in soft wobbly spikes.  Each box usually contains two of each colour - 2 purple, 2 pink, 2 orange, 2 red, 2 yellow and 2 green.

Flashing Dinosaurs or Pufferz are cool, tactile fun balls with brightly illuminating motion-activated internal LED lights.  When a dino is shaken vigorously or it makes impact with a firm surface, red and blue LED lights hidden inside light up and frantically flicker on and off, adding to its jolly, rather hyper appearance.

Throw them, catch them, squeeze them, shake them - light-up animals don't mind;  They like to flash their LEDs manically while they grin at you.

Flashing animals are fun in the daytime and look really amazing after dark.  They're awesome novelty gifts for kids' parties, excellent items for party bags, and fun flashing toys for sleepovers, events, celebrations and after-dark sensory play at home.

See our Party Bag Toys category for more fun, affordable items suitable for party bags.

  • 12 spiky yet squishy flashing dinosaur fun balls
  • 6 vibrant colours - they light up & flash LEDs on jolt / impact
  • Throw them, squish them, shake them - they don't mind!
  • Great fun for kids (and adults!) and cool party toys
  • Internal batteries included - ready to flash
  • Flashing Dinosaurs are brilliant for parties, sleepovers and fun at home
  • Can be sold individually at school fetes or at charity events
  • CE certified for quality and safety
Dimensions (H x W x D)

13cm x 8cm x 8cm

Powered by...

Each squishy light-up animal has non-replaceable internal batteries (included)

  • Keep out of reach of very young children
  • Not suitable as a dog toy as not made from chew-proof material
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