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Glow In The Dark Wrapping Paper

Super-sized sheet of glow-in-the-dark wrapping paper with stylish star pattern - charges in 15 minutes

Glow In The Dark Wrapping Paper
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Glow In The Dark Wrapping PaperGlow In The Dark Wrapping PaperGlow In The Dark Wrapping Paper
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Gift wrapping paper that glows in the dark.  It's what we always wanted when we were growing up, but you just couldn't get it anywhere.  Now, thanks to the clever guys at My Mum's Factory, you can wrap your gifts in sparkling starry style.

Glow Wrapping Paper only needs 15 minutes of sunlight or artificial light to make its stars glow in the dark for as long as 24 hours.  Simply leave your glow-wrapped presents near a window, or in a well-lit area, then watch as onlookers are wowed by your glowing gifts when the lights go out.

Glow In The Dark Wrapping Paper comes in red or green with a modern printed glow in the dark stars pattern.  Each pack contains 1 supersize sheet of 84 x 59cm.

Perfect for birthday, Christmas, leaving, retirement and thank you prezzies - any gift on any special occasion - Glowing Wrapping Paper is the coolest, most eye-catching wrapping paper around.

Glow Wrap is also the perfect accompaniment to any light-up gift from Gifty Gadgety.  What better way to whet their appetite for the funky lights or gadgetry inside their glowed-up parcel?

Make your present stand out from the pile of brightly coloured foil and paper wrap - especially after dark.  Give the gift of glow!

  • Innovative glow in the dark gift wrap with stylish stars pattern
  • Decorative paper for wrapping presents.  Available in green or red
  • Looks great in the daytime and really awesome at night
  • Designed and made in the UK
  • Great for birthdays, Christmas, leaving, retirement and thankyou gifts
  • The perfect gift wrapping for fans of glow and light-up stuff
  • The coolest, most eye-catching wrapping paper around
Dimensions (H x W x D)

84cm x 59cm x 59cm

Powered by...

Daylight or artificial light - the brighter, the better...