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Bullshit Button

Liars, story-tellers, excuse-makers and exaggeraters beware: this is a Bullshit-Free Zone.

Bullshit Button
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Bullshit ButtonBullshit ButtonBullshit Button


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Tired of tall stories, unrepentant untruths, lame excuses, lies and damned lies?  Now you can express your indignation, vent your frustration and, importantly, show up the offending bullshitter with one simple press of your handy Bullshit Button.

This is the perfect weapon against all kinds of bullcrap in all manner of situations.  Use it in the office to reject spurious explanations about unexpected absenteeism, or ward off jargon-jammed management speak;  Use it with friends to expose shameless porky pies and beer-fuelled bragging;  Even use it in front of the TV to take a crack at irritating celebrities and their far-fetched claims.  The potential is limitless as the bullshit never stops.

Essentially an alert button fitted with a built-in loudspeaker and a flashing red LED light, the Bullshit Button is preprogrammed with five humorous phrases:

  • *alarm buzzer*  "That was bullshit!"
  • *air-raid siren*  "Bullshit detected - take precautions!"
  • *alarm siren*  "Bullshit level:  DEFCON 5!"
  • "Oh come on now, that ain't even bullshit - that's horseshit!"
  • *alarm siren*  "Warning!  Warning!  Bullshit alert!"

The Bull Shit Button comes with a double-sided adhesive pad (so you can wall-mount it or fix it to your desk) plus 2 x AAA batteries (included and installed) so you can start calling bullshit right away.

It's neatly presented in a resealable transparent display packet, making it a great gift for anyone with a good sense of humour and an ear for spotting hogwash.  This is the ultimate weapon for those brave men and women fighting on the front line in the ongoing battle against bullshit.

  • Stand up for the truth with this big, bold & brilliant Bullshit Button
  • Use the Bull-Shit Button to stamp out bullshitting at home, work - everywhere!
  • A great novelty gift for friends, family or just about anyone with a GSOH
  • An awesome gift for a work colleague - ideal for Secret Santa etc
  • Simply press button to activate flashing red light along with 1 of 5 "bullshit" responses
  • Comes with sticky-backed pad to affix button to a smooth, flat surface
  • Batteries included - start calling bull-shit the moment it arrives
  • Well made and smartly packaged - a fantastic (and funny) gift or treat
  • Will bring a grin - and probably a LOL - to any incidence of balderdash
Dimensions (H x W x D)

7.5cm x 7.5cm x 5cm

  • Suitable for ages 3 and older (but really only for adults)