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Suck UK Sun Jar Light

Stylish, innovative and eco-friendly solar-powered mood light, in yellow, pink or blue

Suck UK Sun Jar Light
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Suck UK Sun Jar LightSuck UK Sun Jar LightSuck UK Sun Jar LightSuck UK Sun Jar Light
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The Sun Jar is a high-tech, energy-efficient lighting inspiration from British designers, Suck UK.  It uses a highly efficient solar cell, a rechargeable battery and 3 low-energy LED lamps to convert sunshine into light you can enjoy after dark.

When the Sun Jar is placed in direct sunlight, its solar cell creates an electrical current that charges its battery over several hours.  Its clever internal light sensor then automatically activates the LED lights when it gets dark (thought you can override the auto-illuminate function if you wish).  Light from the Sun Jar is diffused by frosted glass to give the appearance of sunlight - or moonlight / pink light - emitting from inside.

Put simply, jam jars store jam, Sun Jars store sunshine to use at night.

The Sun Jar is built from a traditional Mason jar.  They are airtight and watertight so they can be left outside in most weather conditions.

Sun Jars look fabulous in a range of settings.  They can be used as stylish mood lighting, innovative garden or patio lights, or cool night lights for children's bedrooms.

A Sun Jar makes a great 'green' gift. It's eco-friendly and, as with all Suck UK products, it's cool, trendy, well-made and well-presented in a stylish gift box.

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  • Stylish solar-power mood light, garden light or kids' nightlight
  • Stores sunshine to use after dark - gives a warm diffused glow
  • Energy efficient 'green' LED light from the a natural source
  • Available in blue (MoonJar), pink (Pink SunJar) & orange (SunJar)
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Makes a stylish, imaginative present or 'Eco gift'
  • Smart SuckUK packaging
Dimensions (H x W x D)

16cm x 10cm x 10cm

Powered by...


  • NOTE: Sun Jar needs direct sunshine to work.  For best results, leave the SunJar outside, or in a sunny window, in direct sunlight for several hours to charge - indoor electric light is not bright enough.  The battery will charge most effectively if the Sun Jar / Moon Jar is switched off while charging.
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