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Magic Butterfly Fibre Optic Light

Bewitching light-up, colour-changing LED butterflies with translucent fibre optic & fabric wings

Magic Butterfly Fibre Optic Light
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Colour: Purple / PinkColour: Soft PinkColour: Orange / PinkColour: Black

Magic Butterfly Lights (aka Magic Butterflies & "Butterfly Magic") are exquisite LED and fiber optic mood lights from Think Gadgets that look fabulous as they gently phases through the full color spectrum, simultaneously emitting light from their glowing transparent bodies and the fibre optic threads in their shimmering fabric wings.

Each Magic Butterfly Light can either be displayed on a horizontal surface or, thanks to an optional suction cup (included), attached to a mirror, a smooth wall, flat furniture or a window.  They boast the high build quality, rich colour phasing and endearing attention to detail characteristic of Think Gadgets lighting.

Sold individually and available in four gorgeous, complimentary colours - Orange/Pink, Purple/Pink, Soft Pink/Red, and Black - each Magic Butterfly comes with a handy removable suction cup and a battery installed, with a spare battery included in each box.

Magic Butterfly lights are perfect for a conservatory, a summer house, your patio doors or just about any room that needs a subtle yet sumptuous illuminated LED colour boost. Use them for magical mood lighting at parties - indoor or outdoor (in dry weather).  Arrange several Butterfly Magic lights for maximum captivating effect.

Packaged in attractively-styled recyclable plastic boxes, Butterfly Magic Lights make excellent, imaginative gifts.

  • Gorgeous LED color-changing butterfly light in 4 stylish colours
  • Glowing body & shimmering fibre optic and fabric wings
  • Illuminates and slowly phases through a beautiful spectrum of colours
  • Complimentary colors - display several for maximum wow factor
  • Replaceable battery included, plus a spare in each box
  • Includes suction cup for easy wall / window / surface attachment
  • Attractive (recyclable) box with spare battery included
  • Makes an elegant, innovative & imaginative little gift
Dimensions (H x W x D)

10cm x 7cm x 8.5cm

Powered by...

1 x CR2032 cell battery - included, plus spare

  • Not suitable for very young children, unsupervised
  • Avoid bending wings - may damage fiber optics
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