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Nite Ize LED Dog Discuit

Illuminating soft-touch frisbee by Nite Ize, especially for dogs

Nite Ize LED Dog Discuit
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Designed for superior flight, our Nite Ize LED Dog Discuit is a soft-touch plastic flying disc made specifically for night-time play with your dog.  It's illuminated by an efficient, long-lasting LED bulb, so it glows brightly in the dark.

The Dog Discuit is not only fun, it's mouth friendly, bite durable and has a canine-resistant cap that helps prevent dogs from chewing off the battery and LED housing.

The Dog Discuit comes in red or green and is powered by two fully replaceable, long-life cell batteries, for endless hours of fun under the stars.

Nite Ize package their products well and this one is no exception. This bright, well made frisbee makes a perfect gift for your canine friend or someone who loves their dog and enjoys outdoor play.

Visit our Gifts For Pets category for more innovative and multi-functional light-up pet gadgets and toys.

  • Soft-touch plastic flying disc designed for dogs
  • Illuminated by a high-quality, long-lasting LED bulb
  • Available in two bright colours - red or green
  • Push-button on and off switch
  • Water resistant - floats if lands in water
  • Long-life replaceable CR2016 batteries included
  • Dog safe battery cover
  • Durable and safe

21.5cm diameter

Powered by...

Replaceable CR2016 cell batteries (included and replaceable)

  • Bite safe but not designed to be a chew toy - supervised play recommended
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